Education company that accelerates learning for personalised application

Amdon is a global EdTech company with a proven track record in maximising learning efficiency. Through pedagogy-based technology, Amdon designs applications and tools for all: students, teachers and other relevant stakeholders. Classroom interaction is now more engaging with Amdon.

Research for Application in Real-Life

We spend years researching the best way to profile a learner and identify actionable data an educator need to close any learning gaps. We couple these insights with our expertise of inquiry-based pedagogies to develop solid digital content, making learning engaging and meaningful. All these are delivered through our platform tech like ClassWerkz.

Technical Expertise

We pride in creating and delivering easy-to-use digital management systems that are mobile-responsive. With technical experts on our team, Amdon produces solutions that work aesthetically, functionally and technically for all.

User-Experience Focused

At Amdon, we don’t just create a platform for the sake of it. We spend considerable time and effort in identifying the needs of users in the education industry. How users experience our tools are of great importance to us. With the user as our focus, we create practical and personalised solutions for the education industry.

EdTech for All

Through our years of experience in the education industry, we design EdTech like ClassWerkz for all key roles in an educational institution and organisation. From enrolment to graduation, Amdon provides EdTech that works for educators, learners and other stakeholders. Educators can also create learning material quickly and beautifully through our tech, optimised for mobile devices.

Going Beyond the Classroom

A forerunner in EdTech, Amdon provides e-Solutions to companies, government, schools and Ministry of Education worldwide for many years. We go beyond the classroom, providing tech-based solutions across educational organisations and institutions.

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