How a local swim school uses ClassWerkz to stay ahead of the field​

The Swim Lab is a local swim school founded in 2007 by a group of ex-national swimmers who wanted to raise the bar for learn-to-swim lessons across Singapore.  They enable children to accelerate their learning process with a carefully designed program, expert coaches and a nurturing environment. 
Due to the growth in student enrolment, Swim Lab needed a way to streamline operations such as scheduling of coaches and managing student enrolment. In addition, they wanted a system which enabled them to keep track of their learners’ progress.  
They chose ClassWerkz because it provided an all-in-one solution to their needs. Using ClassWerkz, they were able to:
  • manage school operations, from student enrolment to invoicing
  • plan and organise their courses
  • efficiently track and monitor their learners’ progress
  • send quick updates to parents
As a result of using ClassWerkz, Swim Lab was able to increase engagement with stakeholder and reduce time taken in tedious administrative work so that they can focus on what they do best – provide exceptional learn-to-swim classes to children.

How Harvard Medical School uses ClassWerkz to deliver unique professional learning curriculum to resident surgeons in the US.

In partnership with the Department of Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School, we were chosen to help deliver their unique curriculum as part of a $3.4 million NIH-funded grant to improve surgeons’ cultural dexterity.

As announced on their ‘Surgery News and Notes‘ online updates from the department, the department stated, “Improving the ability of providers to provide cross-cultural care is a necessary development in the effort to improve patient-centered care and reduce healthcare disparities. The trial will test the effectiveness of a novel cultural dexterity curriculum (PACTS) in improving surgical residents’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills in caring for patients of diverse cultural backgrounds.”

“The PACTS trial is a multi-center trial to be conducted at eight medical centers across the U.S. The added dimension of measuring patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes in response to the intervention, which has not been done previously, will provide evidence to support the connection between cultural dexterity and patient outcomes, and reinforce the anticipated impact of this initiative.”

ClassWerkz was chosen as the platform for this project because of its ability to transfer one’s learning access easily from mobile device to any computer-based browser. It fulfilled the demands of resident surgeons needing access on any mobile device or computer they may have access to in all the odd hours and locations of their work.

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