A Dashboard for Everyone

Admins, teachers and parents have a unique dashboard to fit their needs. Admins can easily manage the enrollment and payment of new students. Teachers can quickly mark attendance and track student’s progress with one tap. Parents can receive real-time updates of their child’s progress. All-in-one Dashboard suitable for everyone.

With more than 20 features, ClassWerkz is perfect for your centre. Suited for admins, teachers and parents, ClassWerkz is an all-in-one system for your education centre. Check out the key features below.

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Reduce Time for Admins

From enrolment to graduation, administrative officers in your centre can easily enrol a student. With integrated invoicing system, you can issue invoices straight to the parents for payment. Adjust the payment terms to suit your centre’s needs with multiple payment options. Students who missed a class can request for make-up sessions online. More flexibility, more time for admins to do other tasks.

More Features That Works for your Class Management

Quick Progress for Teachers

Attendance management, quizzes and progress tracker helps teachers make quick updates on a student’s progress for parents to see. No more messy paper trails. Everything a teacher needs to manage a class is found in ClassWerkz.

Real-Time Updates for Parents

Communication for parents is now easier with ClassWerkz. Parents can receive up-to-date notifications from teachers with the progress of their child. Admins can also easily update parents of class cancellations, invoice payment or even make announcements related to centre operations. Now, parents don’t have to worry about their child’s progress. Everything is provided in one simple look on ClassWerkz.

Invoicing System

Upon enrollment, invoice will automatically be generated for parents to pay. Have multiple branches? You can easily view the performance of each centre on ClassWerkz.

Auto-Enrol into New Term

Upon completion of a term, students can be auto enrolled into the new term. This is perfect for centres that offer a full year programme.

Custom Calendar

You can setup custom calendars for your centre to include company-wide holidays and school holidays. This way, centre admins won’t accidentally schedule classes during holidays, simplifying class scheduling.

Multiple Centres

Have more than one centre? ClassWerkz can be customised to suit the needs of every centre. At one look, you can see which centres are performing well. Lessons and students are enrolled by the centre and can be transferred to other centres with ease.

Simple Teacher Assignment

At one look, you can see the schedule of all your teachers for each class. Never again will your teachers be overbooked, eliminating overwhelm from admins and teachers. Relief teachers can also be assigned by class, where needed.

Interactive e-Lesson

Need interactive e-Lesson resource? Add in learning resources for your lessons. Activated for your centre upon request.

Makeup Pass

When a student misses their class, it can be a headache to organise makeup lessons. With our Makeup Pass, students can be enrolled into a makeup session with ease.

Classroom Allocation

Easily connect your classes with a fixed classroom allocation to minimise student movement. Class venue can be edited and updated for all lessons in a course with one click.

Student Progress

Individual student accounts allow an overview of their progress at one look. Their achievements, evaluation, makeup pass and courses enrolled can be viewed in one account.

Staff Attendance

Managing staff attendance has never been easier with the help of ClassWerkz. Teachers assigned schedule can be seen in each account. This way, you can easily account for payroll and costings towards your courses.

Multiple Permission

Set up multiple permission and restrict access to each roles. Assign roles to your staff with ease, granting them the access that they need.

Notification System

Need to send a notification to parents? With our integrated notification system, you can send in-app or email announcements to parents, staffs, students in selected courses and to all your students.

Custom Fields in Profiles

Need to add an additional information to your student, parent or teacher accounts? With custom fields, you can customise as many custom fields you need as possible. Totally customised to your centre’s needs.

Anonymous Ratings

Collect anonymous ratings from students and parents about your teacher’s performance. You can monitor their performance and give feedback based on the ratings to improve quality of your classes.

Reports Dashboard

Generate reports on ratings, staff performance, course activities and more! Reports can be downloaded in .CSV format for your organisational review.

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